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Photo for: London Competitions 2024 Announces Gaurav Dixit as its 2024 Global Brand Ambassador for Bangkok


London Competitions 2024 Announces Gaurav Dixit as its 2024 Global Brand Ambassador for Bangkok

25/01/2024 Meet Gaurav Dixit, an experienced hotelier and top sommelier who is now the Global Brand Ambassador for the London Competitions 2024 in Bangkok. Gaurav's experience has elevated beverage culture, indicating an exciting future ahead.

Meet Gaurav Dixit, a seasoned hotelier with over 13 years of expertise in renowned luxury brands such as Taj Hotels, The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts, and Lebua Hotels and Resorts in Bangkok. Gaurav, a passionate traveler and beverage aficionado, has successfully managed various aspects of hospitality, including restaurants and bars. After successfully making his name in India's top sommeliers, he decided to make his move to Thailand.

Image: The Leela Palace, Delhi

In his illustrious career, Gaurav has not only managed acclaimed establishments but has also achieved prestigious awards, such as the Wine Spectator Award for five consecutive years during his tenure in Delhi. He has been India's top Sommelier for many years. 

His dedication to the beverage industry stems from a profound belief that "beverages are not just libations; they encapsulate compelling stories and rich histories that deserve to be shared." This vision of Gaurav makes him a perfect fit for the London Wine Competition's Global Brand Ambassador program - 2024 for Bangkok!

Image: GBA for London Competitions

London Competitions's Global Brand Ambassadors around the world aim to educate, elevate the drinks culture, and more importantly promote the subjects they are passionate about in their regions or countries.

This exclusive program invites industry leaders and influencers to collaborate with the London Competitions, serving as the voice of this esteemed event. As the ambassador, Gaurav will play an important role in showcasing the unique narratives of Bangkok's beverages, region, and categories. Mainly focusing on wine brands which will eventually amplify the presence of the London Competitions on a grand scale as well.

Image: London Wine Competition 2023 winners 

With his core strength in the Wine category, Gaurav Dixit will also focus mainly on the New World Wines and Some interesting mind labels, and the stories behind them. Also, Thailand with its wine culture will give ample opportunity to Gaurav for some research and innovation.

Image: Gaurav Dixit

The country's nightlife scene, with its lively bars and beach parties, invites both locals and tourists to savor signature cocktails and international favorites. The iconic "Singha" and "Chang" beers are ubiquitous. Locally crafted spirits, such as "Mekhong" whiskey and unique rice-based liquors, showcase Thailand's indigenous flavors! 

Because Thailand's alcoholic drinks culture is as diverse and spirited as the nation itself, We will all be eager to look for the magic Gaurav creates in this industry, especially in the Wine category!

Image: Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in Thailand, followed by spirits and wine.

In his recent discussions with the London Wine Competition's team, Gaurav also provides valuable insights into the current trends shaping the beverage industry. From the rise of sustainable practices and low-alcohol options to the popularity of microbreweries, the industry is witnessing a dynamic shift. He emphasizes the importance of staying current on emerging trends and maintaining a focus on quality and craftsmanship.

Image: London Spirits Competition 2023 winners

Going ahead with the trends, Gin holds a special place in Gaurav's heart due to its incredible versatility. He appreciates the freedom to craft the perfect gin experience based on mood and occasion. Gaurav's passion extends to exploring wines globally, with a penchant for New World styles that showcase innovation and fresh approaches.

After working with numerous brands, Gaurav offers valuable advice to beverage producers, emphasizing the importance of quality, consumer education, and strategic market entry. Whether it's relentlessly pursuing quality or understanding global palates, Gaurav's insights provide a roadmap for success in the competitive beverage industry.

According to Gaurav, the London Competitions provides an invaluable platform for wine brands globally. Beyond accolades, the competition facilitates relationship building, knowledge sharing, and guidance from industry professionals. Gaurav sees it as a springboard for brands seeking international recognition and validation.

Image: (Left to Right) Sid Patel and Gaurav Dixit

As Gaurav steps into his role as the Global Brand Ambassador, the London Competitions anticipates an exciting journey ahead!

Welcome to the team Gaurav Dixit!


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