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Photo for: Jozsef Stevlik's Sustainable Spirits Shine at the London Spirits Competitions


Jozsef Stevlik's Sustainable Spirits Shine at the London Spirits Competitions

14/12/2023 Jozsef Stevlik's sustainable spirits won multiple medals at the London Spirits Competitions. Each with a purpose to save trees in the Carpathian Region, making every sip a win for nature. Get to know their inspiring story.

Imagine a special spirit that's not just tasty but also helps the environment. That's what Jozsef Stevlik is all about!

Jozsef Stevlik is a brand that makes spirits with a lot of care. Behind the idea is the founder, a renowned entrepreneur Dusan Stevlik. It all started when young Dusan was traveling with his Grandpa on the legendary Orient Express Train Route between the cities of Bratislava and Budapest. This route was a prohibited smuggling path across Eastern Europe, extending from the northern Baltic Sea, passing through the Balkans, and concluding in Constantinople, present-day Istanbul.

Image Source: Dusan Stevlik

Jozsef Stevlik, Dusan's Grandpa, was a renowned plum spirit maker who traded in a unique and premium-quality single plum spirit known as 'slivovitz,' an old Yiddish term for plum spirit. After successful deals, he would open his own flask, sharing his concoction with fellow train passengers while engaging in discussions about life and experiences.

Inspired by these captivating stories, Dusan crafted his first handcrafted small batch in 2018. This creation garnered significant recognition, securing 14 silver medals at competitions such as our London Spirits Competitions, the Bartender Spirits Awards, and USA Spirits Ratings in 2021.

These narratives laid the foundation for the development of exceptional spirits that blend traditional and innovative ideas, making Jozsef Stevlik a multi-award-winning brand. These stories led to the creation of amazing spirits that mix traditional and new ideas for this multi-award-winning brand.

Big Win at the London Spirits Competitions:

Jozsef Stevlik won big at the London Spirits Competitions 2022. They stood out in the ‘Fruity Spirits’ category at LSC, winning medals for not one, not two, but three of their incredible Single Apple Spirits. People loved their single plum spirits, especially the Unoaked Single Apple Spirit. Let's dive into the details:

Jozsef Stevlik Single Apple Spirit - Unoaked

This star performer clinched a silver medal with an impressive 82 points. Imagine the taste of pure apples without any wood influence – that's what the judges loved about this one. It's like a burst of apple goodness in every sip.

Tasting Notes: Clean fresh nose with notes of pears, juicy apples and Eau de vie. Extremely fruity and smooth palate with notes of pears, apples and candied apple with an off-dry finish.

Jozsef Stevlik Single Apple Spirit - Oaked

Another silver sensation, scoring 81 points, this spirit stood out with its smooth and flavorful profile, thanks to a touch of oakiness. It's the kind of sip that leaves you wanting more.

Tasting Notes: Sweetened nose with notes of fermented earthy fruits, corn, white grapes and elderflowers. Textured palate with notes of sweet apples, white grapes, elderflowers and blossoms with a robust nice finish.

Jozsef Stevlik Single Apple Spirit - Toasted

And with the winning streak continuing, this spirit, with its toasty twist, secured yet another silver medal. Jozsef Stevlik seems to have mastered the art of creating spirits that not only win awards but also win hearts.

Tasting Notes: Fruity citrus nose with notes of corn, seaweed, lemongrass, bananas and sherry. Strong warming palate with notes of earthy fruits, sherry, green apples and red apples with a long finish.


Whether you go for the pure apple essence of the Unoaked, the smooth and flavorful notes of the Oaked, or the goodness of the Toasted, you're in for a treat. Jozsef Stevlik is a brand that is focused on crafting spirits that captivates everyone, the same way it has captivated our judges and delighted their taste buds.

Because alongside the medals; it's also about the passion, the dedication, and the artistry that go into every bottle. If you haven't experienced the magic of their Single Apple Spirits, now might be the perfect time to indulge in award-winning sip.

Image Features: Blue Damson Plum (Source: Plant Net)

The best part about Dusan’s Fruity Spirits is that this special Eau de vie & Barrique Vintage Edition is made from 100% Blue Damson Plum, a special fruit from a place called the Carpathian Region, which makes the drink more like a taste of the countryside and the good things there, just like an experience.

It's super exclusive, depending on how many plums are grown that year. Each bottle is marked with the year it was made, a batch number, and a unique bottle number. This makes it a really fancy and unique item for your collection, perfect for impressing important guests.

It naturally comes from the fact that Jozsef Stevlik’s best man, Dusan, loves to travel, and that love shows up in his drinks. He worked with bartenders from different parts of the world to make drinks that are not just tasty but also good for the environment.

Dusan cares about nature. For every box of Jozsef Stevlik drinks sold, a tree is saved in the Carpathian Region. Also, every time someone enjoys a Jozsef Stevlik cocktail, they're helping protect forests from being cut down. With each drink you make with Jozsef Stevlik, you're helping save trees in the Carpathian Region.

Image Source: Dusan Stevlik

Here's to Jozsef Stevlik! Kudos to them for making a positive impact, one delicious drink at a time.

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