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Photo for: Jeet Verma joins as a Global Brand Ambassador for UAE at London Competitions


Jeet Verma joins as a Global Brand Ambassador for UAE at London Competitions

07/02/2024 Jeet Verma appointed Global Brand Ambassador for the London Competitions 2024, bringing expertise in mixology, wellness beverages, and insights into the dynamic UAE market.

London, UK – The London Competitions, a prestigious event that has been at the forefront of celebrating excellence in the world of spirits, wines, and beers, is excited to announce the appointment of Jeet Verma as its Global Brand Ambassador for the 2024 edition. This appointment comes as a significant move in promoting the competition's global presence and reach, particularly in the vibrant and rapidly evolving market of the United Arab Emirates.

London Competitions's Global Brand Ambassadors around the world aim to educate, elevate the drinks culture, and more importantly promote the subjects they are passionate about in their regions or countries.

Image: Jeet Verma, Global Brand Ambassador for London Competitions 2024 

Jeet Verma, a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in mixology, brings over nine years of experience and a rich portfolio of achievements to the table. Starting his career at 'USHNA,' a premier Indian restaurant in Abu Dhabi, he rapidly climbed the ranks, showcasing his extraordinary skills and passion for mixology. His journey saw him working at 'KOI,' a renowned Japanese concept, and leading the beverage program at 'MASTI COCKTAILS & CUISINE' in Dubai. Recently, he embarked on a new chapter as the Beverage Manager at LSL Capital in Dubai, overseeing 'JAMAVAR & MIMI MEI FAIR.'

Image: JAMAVAR & MIMI MEI FAIR (Source: TimeOut)

Jeet's expertise isn't just in crafting unique cocktails; He's also highly adept at integrating wellness into his beverage programs, focusing on sustainable practices and utilizing natural ingredients. His accolades include being named "Bartender of the Year - 2020" by Caterer Middle East, and featuring in the Top-50 bartender power list by "Lyre's." He has participated in numerous prestigious mixologist competitions and has been a significant influencer in the UAE's beverage scene.


Image: Bartender of the Year 2020 is Jeet Verma - by Caterer Middle East

In his new role as Global Brand Ambassador, Jeet Verma will be instrumental in representing the London Competitions, advocating for the event's core values, and connecting with diverse audiences. His expertise and insight into the latest trends and developments in the beverage industry, especially in the UAE, will bring invaluable perspectives to the London Competitions.

Image: Jeet Verma, Global Brand Ambassador for London Competition 2024 

The UAE, known for its luxurious lifestyle and cosmopolitan demographic, has a dynamic and evolving alcoholic drinks market. With a significant expatriate population, the country has seen a rise in demand for diverse and sophisticated beverage offerings, including a growing trend towards health and wellness beverages and non-alcoholic cocktails. Brands and producers in this market benefit from understanding the unique cultural sensitivities and legal landscape, as well as tapping into the local consumer base's evolving preferences.

Image: Non-Alcoholic Drinks Surge in UAE Market

Jeet Verma's insights into the current trends in the UAE market highlight the significant shifts towards health and wellness beverages, the rise of non-alcoholic cocktails, and the importance of sustainability and innovative tools in the industry. His passion for tequila and its versatility reflects his deep understanding of spirits and their potential in mixology.

For producers looking to make their mark in the UAE market, Jeet emphasizes the importance of understanding the legal landscape, conducting thorough market analysis, and engaging in active marketing and promotional activities. His advice is grounded in his extensive experience and success in the industry.

Image: London Spirits Competition Judges 2023 

Jeet Verma believes that the London Competitions offer unparalleled opportunities for exposure, networking, marketing, and promotion. The event's global recognition and broad readership provide a significant platform for brands and producers to showcase their products and expertise.

As the Global Brand Ambassador for the London Competitions 2024, Jeet Verma is set to bring his vast knowledge, innovative approach, and passion for the beverage industry to the forefront. His role will not only elevate the competition's presence in the global arena but also provide valuable insights into the dynamic UAE market.

With Jeet at the helm, the London Competitions are poised for an impactful and influential future.

Welcome to the team Jeet Verma!

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