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Photo for: Stock up Bartending virtuoso Fabrizio Donno's favorite 'Vodka of The Year'

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Stock up Bartending virtuoso Fabrizio Donno's favorite 'Vodka of The Year'

27/11/2023 Learn about Ukiyo Japanese Rice Vodka, celebrated as the 'Best Vodka of The Year' at the London Spirits Competition - a favorite amongst LSCs' esteemed panel of judges. Gain insights into why stocking up on this pick would be great for you.

Fabrizio Donno is a Club Manager at Pavilion The Business Club. With over a decade of experience in the world of beverages, Fabrizio embarked on his journey as a bartender, leaving a lasting impact as a Senior Bartender and Head Waiter at esteemed establishments such as Osteria Del Mercato, Tramp Members Club, Aqua Restaurant Group, and Stanley's Chelsea.

Image Source: Fabrizio Donno

With over four years of experience as a Bar Consultant and holding a WSET Level 2 certificate, he brought his wealth of expertise to Pavilion The Business Club, where he initially excelled as a Bar Manager and has now ascended to the role of Club Manager, continuing to shine in his leadership position. Beyond his bar management skills, Fabrizio is also a valued member of the esteemed judges' panel at the London Spirits Competition.

In the 2023 London Spirits Competition, Fabrizio was captivated by the enchanting Ukiyo Japanese Rice Vodka crafted by Kirker Greer Spirits.

Image Features: Ukiyo Japanese Rice Vodka

Proudly awarded the title of 'Best Vodka of The Year' at the 2023 London Spirits Competition, Ukiyo vodka is a special drink that comes from Japan, specifically from the tropical island of Okinawa. It's made in a very traditional way that has been perfected over many generations. They use a special kind of rice and a unique Japanese Awamori spirit that is native to the island.

To make this vodka, they start with long-grain indica rice, mix it with black kōji, let it ferment, and then distill it into the Awamori spirit. This spirit is distilled again to create a pure rice spirit. They go through this process three times using traditional pot stills and make it in small batches.

Ukiyo Rice Vodka is super clean, smooth, and a bit sweet. It has a gentle floral taste mixed with a hint of citrus and violet, making it perfect for a Vodka Soda or sipping with Asian food. Its soft texture can also be used in cocktails such as the Tokyo Mule. With ABV at 40%, this Japanese vodka notably scored 96 points at the LSC 2023. It also earned other titles such as 'Best in the Show' in the Country Category and 'Best Spirit of the Year' for Packaging.

Tasting Notes:

A Japanese vodka with floral notes of violet on nose and flavors of grass and hints of chamomile.

Listen to Bryan Rodriguez, Junior Buyer of Wine & Spirits at the prestigious luxury retailer Harvey Nichols, as he discusses The Best Vodka in the World according to the 2023 London Spirits Competition - Ukiyo Japanese Rice Vodka. After watching this video, we are confident that you'll be convinced to consider stocking up on this exceptional vodka.


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